November 27, 2015 at 9:52AM, Edited November 27, 9:56AM


Best Place For a Filmmaker to Live Right Now

I'm an aspiring filmmaker from a small midwest city; I've been making shorts for a while now and just completed my first feature.There isn't much of a film scene where I live, nobody around here is really making anything. For reasons, some obvious and others not, my feature isn't very good and isn't likely to have much luck at festivals. So the prospect of meeting filmmakers, collaborators, connections, etc. via that route is not looking good (that was my plan).

That's why I had to do everything myself when I made my movie - I couldn't find any like-minds to collaborate with; only crew who wanted a paycheck (I only had enough money for the actors and basic neccesities). Not having a crew and doing it all myself clearly had an negative impact on most aspects of the film - but like many situations, it was either that way or not at all.

So anyway, I'm looking to make a move. I'd like to go to a place with a vibrant creative scene, a place to find like-minded weirdos to collaborate with and to finally meet other people whose passion is filmmaking; interesting people with ambition and drive.

I don't have much money or good job prospects, ha, so I'm looking for suggestions outside the expensive and obvious (NY/LA, etc.). I'm 30 years old and have already been through an unsuccessful film-school experience. I'm willing to go anywhere and do anything, whatever I have to do to keep pursuing my dream - I'm just at a loss as to what to do next.

Does anybody live in a cool place like this? Or maybe you've heard of one? Have you felt the same way/been in a similar situation? Any advice would be great!

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