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best way to control aperture in DSLR-Videos

Hi there! This is my first post, so lets hope we will find some new matters together. I´m German living in Extremadura/Spain. Here are not a lot of people doing DSLR-video. Would be nice to find some other point of views here.
I´m first photographer but make a big effort in DSLR-video at the moment with D4 and D500 from Nikon. Will get a Z6.
What is the best way at the moment to control aperture in Nikon DSLR-video?
(It´s better with Canon. At EF-mount it´s possible to adapt a lot of lenses with the novoflex-adapter who allows to control aperture by a separate button. And in the R-model comes the new control ring on the new lenses or in one of the adapters. A cool feature!
So what can we do on Nikon?
Some experiences:
- Nikos AI-S work well but it´s quite necessary to declick them as there is no control by camera
- Voigtländer 58 mm f1,4 is nice but with chip the aperture is pretty difficult to manage
- original AF-S only allow to change aperture by camera, not very pleasant
- Samyang, … might be the best choice regarding aperture handling
Is there any other adapter or idea how to control aperture in Nikon-videos smoothly and without problems for the audio?
Have you a nice idea for a MF lens on Nikon with 24-35 mm max. and with f1.4 to f2?

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