October 12, 2015 at 11:07AM, Edited October 12, 11:18AM


The big question: Australia vs New Zealand as a Videographer/Editor

Hi people,

Im finishing a television school in april to be a technician, we learn how to manipulate multiples instruments in a television studio (XDCams/AudioMix/Lightning console and multicams live event editing) and post production editing software like Nuke/Flame/Avid/Resolve.

I'm in Montreal(CAN), which is a great center for post production companies but the thing is, i hate that city. My sister is living in Australia and she lived in New Zealand for quite a long time and from what i saw, those are the places that would be right for me.

I am asking for your imput on the market, jobs and stuff that might be useful to know on those two countries
Im looking to eventually be a dop but im able to do everything and when i'm not able, i'm working hard to make it work.

I will be looking for places so i can start to send my resume and demo reel.

Thanks for your help!


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