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Black magic video assist or Atomos ?

Im about to buy a monitor for my Canon C100 mark II. I'm not sure which should I go for. since the black magic 7" is lower down the price to 600$. but I really want to know how the Black magic video assist work on the bright day. on the internet didnt say anything about the Brightness and Contrast of this monitor. Can somebody give me some idea ? or maybe should I go for SmallHD Focus? (but it doesnt record)


ask to you if you need a recorder or not, bmd Va4K is excellent recorder, and a good monitor, with tools, false color to exposure, lut and more. I have it, and with sunshade i use it in the outdoor without great problem, but you need sunshade, if you want to buy a recorder and a good high nits monitor you need to spend a lots more...
If you need a hdmi monitor only, forget bmd and invest on different product, but if you need a good recorder sdi, monitor, video tools and more... you never found a better price/quality product than a bmdva4k.
I own it from an year, and also payed 1000$ is a great products.
About brightness and constrast, i used also without sunshade at best contrast and brightness, the result is that director are allowed to see the framing, but obviously the picture quality lie to exposure and shadow, and i only see istograms and video tools.

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Carlo Macchiavello
Director (with strong tech knowledge)

Just because I don't know your reasoning. Why are you buy a recorder that recorded 4k to pair with a 1080p camera?

Aside from that question here are my thoughts on both the Atomos and BDM 4k. If you went with the BMD you would only need to carry one time of media that is very compact and affordable. SSDs for the Atomos are fairly cheap now a days but they take up more space, you need a dock for them (more $$$), and the BMD seems slightly more compact than the Atomos Ninja Flame. (I assumed that Atomos because of the price point.) Those are just my initial thoughts. I would say rent them both once and use them, or find someone who has one and test it out. You won't really know which one you prefer till you get hands on with it.

Back to my question at the top. You could save yourself some serious coin if you got a 1080p recorder instead of a 4k one. I'm not sure if you are planning on upgrading cameras soon and that is the case, but that is my thought on that. Hope this helped in some way.

September 23, 2017 at 9:22PM

Kyle Acker
Cinematographer/ Video Editor

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