September 6, 2014 at 1:44AM


Boards/Forum Layout

Great job, Ryan and everyone else involved with this update! I got really excited to pass by and find the addition of a forum. I've Been waiting for this for sometime now! I'm trembling with joy! Oh, no It's probably mountain dew.

A couple of things I think would be coolio if they came to pass:

I'm not sure if I just don't understand how everything is laid out yet, but I would love to not see all the posts from every single board on that initial boards page. It seems that your board topics (Fundraising/producing/screenwriting etc. etc.), should be at the header of your page and come up first. Instead I have to scroll down to the side column and under an ad find the topics that I'm interested in (cinematography & cameras, for example). A couple suggestions for forum layout which show this in action (forum topics before any threads) are dees:

Also another note, I'm not a interface designer, but I think it would help to have some sort of slight color variation between the body of a page, the borders and columns. Right now everything is pure white and blends (for example, this page I'm writing this on right now), making it harder to interpret what's going on for first-time users. Even simple lined-borders would help (again, the above links are good examples of this.)

Ah one last, last thing: When creating a post it would be helpful if the toggling between "question" and "discussion" would keep your text that you already wrote, instead of having to copy and paste it over if you messed up and had "Question" initially selected, when in fact John/Sally may have been writing for a discussion (You can always copy and paste, but hey, most people, including myself, are lazy and it'd be quite nifty if we didn't have to :) ).

aaaaaaand one final last thing... to write this I clicked on the "This site" forum page and created a new post. It would be nice if I could enter into that forum topic of "This site" and not have to specify that I want it posted to "This site" after I'm done writing (The ellipses on the posting page I'm on right now want me to say which topic I want this posted to). Instead it should just automatically know I want to post to the "This site" forum topic because I already entered in that branch of the site to post.

Anywho, I can't thank you guys enough for the invaluable information you've shared with me over the years, as well as other NFS scholars in the past! I'm excited to see what the future of NFS will bring!


aaaaaaaaand finally finally, last final thing - would LOVE an edit button (or is it just hiding from me!?)

September 6, 2014 at 1:49AM

Nate Shipley Lane
VFX/CG Artist

Thanks Lee!

Those topics are supposed to be at the top of the forums... I don't know how they ended up down there.

Agreed on most of these points and many of them are already on our (very long) list of things to fix/change.

Pardon the mess, just getting started! Thanks for your well-thought-out input.

September 7, 2014 at 8:46PM

Ryan Koo

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