September 12, 2016 at 11:46AM, Edited September 12, 11:48AM


Budget Gear: 19mm/15mm Rosette Handles

For 110 dollars you can’t go wrong with these handles. Honestly, the other handles in this price range are a joke compared to these. The fact that you get this degree of adjustability for this price makes these an obvious choice for someone on a tight budget. Aside from the benefit of the rosettes, which you can screw right onto many cages and other accessories with rosette receivers, you also get two rod mount options. For the average budget / DSLR shooting, you’ll only run into 15mm rods but when you get into the RED / ALEXA rig scene, 19mm is the way to go and you’ll see that a lot of your 15mm only gear becomes unusable. I had to use these last minute on a shoot where I was shoulder rigging an Alexa Classic and they saved the day. A great, cheap piece of equipment for several types of shooters.

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