September 12, 2016 at 10:00AM, Edited September 12, 10:01AM


Budget Gear: Flowline N Series Camera Support

The Flowline N series stabilizers deserve more credit. There are very few places out there where you can find a cheaper alternative to the Easyrig. I have used my Flowline 500N on commercials shooting with the Arri Alexa Classic as well as FS7 and a7S II builds on a ronin. I have also used the real Easyrig and the main noticeable difference is a bit more padding on the Easyrig which, yes, makes it more comfortable to operate, but for a price difference of several thousand dollars, I was willing to sacrifice that small element to still get the functionality. If you’re dying on long shoots from handheld/shoulder rigging and don’t have the budget to drop 4k on an Easyrig, you should seriously give a Flowline N series stabilizer a shot.

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