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Call For Entries Lilliputian Film Festival

Call for Entries Lilliputian Film Festival. Fees from $5 to $25. Awards and Cash Prizes. All genres accepted. Films entered should be less than 40 minutes in length.


All Human Beings Have An Innate Need To Hear And Tell Stories And To Have A Story To Live By -Harvey Cox

Lilliputian - is an adjective describing something or someone as being similar to the people of the island of Lilliput however it is also defined as trivial or very small. This festival is all about supporting the independent filmmaker in the endeavor to tell their stories, while contemporaneously availing the innate need to hear stories which is shared among the human condition.

In this digital age it is clear that almost anyone has access to equipment to tell their story and post it through social media but this does not mean it is always heard. With this in mind Entries are welcomed by submitters of any age,gender,race,nation or profession with the caveat of the end product being in a quality necessary for digital film projection and fit into one of the following categories.

Sci-Fi Fantasy
Lilliputian Theme

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Ragüel Cremades
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