March 28, 2017 at 3:31AM


Call for Entries - Regular Deadline Shore Scripts 2017 Short Film Fund

Our 2017 Short Film Fund offers you a unique opportunity to become a produced screenwriter:

With a Top Prize Production Fund of up to $15,000 plus professional support, equipment and management, our Short Film Fund offers screenwriters the opportunity to get your short film produced.

Having a short produced is a huge stepping-stone for any writer. It can act as a calling card, helping to get your script into the hands of production companies, agents and managers. Our alumni of writers have had a huge amount of success with their shorts, including winning 2016’s Best Live Short Oscar.

All of our affiliated Production Companies and Judges will review the final film, that’s over 100 Industry Professionals who will see your work!

We will also enter the produced short into a number of Oscar & Bafta qualifying films festivals.

Get your career off the ground with our Short Film Fund!

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