September 16, 2020 at 11:25AM


Calling Directors - THE SHINY LIVESTREAM

All about Treatments
Las Bandas reps, LA & London
Wed 23rd September
5pm BST, 12 noon ET, 9am PT

Jen Herrera, owner Las Bandas Be Brave.
Jen has built a formidable roster of directors across the US, UK and Europe. With roots in music video commissioning at Warner, and both UK & US repping, Jen is based in Los Angeles

Andy Roberts, is UK Directors Rep for Las Bandas. He's been instrumental in repping directors for so many huge and/or wonderful videos, there's not enough room to even start listing them. Also a really lovely human.

Plus: We're also joined by an up & coming director of a high-scoring Shiny Pick.
it could be you!
Every Shiny livestream features an up & coming director.
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Jen Herrera (Las Bandas LA) and Andy Roberts (Las Bandas UK) give clear direction on how to write successful treatments, with examples, so directors can feel more confident and expressive about bidding for commercial work.
Las Bandas have a formidable roster of directors across the US, UK and Europe.

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Corbin Peters

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