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Camera Package suggestion for low budget corporate

Hi guys,

I'm new to the board and would love to get some advice from fellow DPs on what kind of a package to go for to shoot a low budget corporate job.

I took the gig to get more material for a corporate reel. I used to be a 2nd AC and worked on a ton of corporates with decent budget where the DP was always able to go for the alexa, amira or red. Obviously in this case we are talking about a different level so it would be ace if you guys have any suggestions to add!

At the moment I'm between picking a 5Dmk3 or a C300/ C500. It's going to be mainly outdoors, daylight and night time with a doco feel. So the camera needs to be able to shoot low-light w/o much noise also. I'm planning to go for either a set of old prime stills lenses ( due to budget restriction) or a cinema zoom to be able to quickly get in an out of places in which case it also affects whether i get a camera with an EF or PL.

I'm also gonna get the footage graded. So ideally a camera that has a good latitude to work with, there will also be archival iphone footage that we need to grade and match.

I haven't worked with the A7sii so much but heard a ton of nice things about it, in general I guess there are so many cameras out there - would be great to know if anyone has 2 cents to add!

Thanks so much :)


I would highly recommend a C300 or C500 over a 5Dmk3.

October 12, 2016 at 6:25AM


Thanks Michael! I thought so too. I reckon a c300mk2 could do the job, now just considering whether to up the budget a little and get a decent zoom like an Angenieux Optimo 30-80mm rather than a set of photo primes to have less hassle as in the end its sort of a one man band gig..

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If you foresee using a lot of different focal lengths and will be a "one-man band", then in this situation, I almost always lean towards a zoom.

That being said, for me, a 30-80mm is not really a wide range. I would look at something with a lil' more spread, the new Zeiss 21-100 or Canon 17-120 come to mind.

The other option, which I tend to do if I can't access a wider range zoom, is to get two zooms (17-35ish and an 80-200ish) and then a fast mid-range prime like a 50mm.

To keep cost down, I really do like the Sigma 18-35 1.8 and 50-100 1.8, and if you're using on a Canon body, then it should mount w/ no adapter required.

Happy shooting!


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John Dimalanta
Freelance Photographer/Cinematographer

Defining low budget would definitely help. ;-)
In my opinion 5D or C300/C500 belong in different budgets.
If possible (and you don't need raw footage) I'd go with C300: lovely images, more than adequate codec (unless you want to go crazy on colorgrading).

October 19, 2016 at 3:43AM

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