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Cameras Similar to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera


I've been thinking about upgrading from my Canon 7D for some time now but i'm not to sure what cameras would be a good fit. I would like a camera that has the capability to shoot 4k raw, similar to the Blackmagic 4k cinema camera. I'm trying to shy away from the Blackmagic even though it is a great camera but its list of negative aspects has somewhat turned me off from it. Now this doesn't mean I wouldn't consider it, but I'd like to know if there are other cameras with the same capabilities that go for around the same price. Does anyone know of any? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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For affordable 4K shooting it's down to...

Panasonic GH4
Sony A7S
Samsung NX1

Beyond these cameras the price jumps up to $8,000+ with the Sony FS7.

None of the cameras I've listed shoot RAW, but they do shoot LOG formats.
( GH4 LOG update is still coming, people are testing it and it's supposed to be very good )

February 18, 2015 at 5:10AM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

I had 7d, 5d mark II and black magic. I like black magic even not have somethings.

February 19, 2015 at 3:25AM

Ragüel Cremades
Film producer and director

I'd have to agree with Guy. If you're looking for a more professional camera, go with the FS7.

If that's out of your budget, the other three are pretty good options. But keep in mind, if you want to shoot 4k with the A7s, you'll have to buy the Atomos Shogun for another $2000.

The NX1 is really catching my attention and so is it's recently announced little brother, the NX500.

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Brad Tennant
Director / Cinematographer

I would rent, try things out. I just rented the Blackmagic 4k camera. Obviously low light was a problem. Everything else was truly stunning. The 4k raw was one of the best images I've seen out of a camera in the price range by far. BUT...it takes up SO MUCH SPACE. So much so, it's almost inconceivable to shoot anything 4k raw unless you have a huge budget for storage. The ProRess422 is incredible as well, though, and that's even a step down from the HQ.
I had the GH4 for a couple months, ended up returning it. Great little camera, but the image and colors just never looked right (for me. We all have our own tastes, though!). Also had some ugly blocky noise in low light or slomo conditions, not very grainy at all.
All comes down to what you're shooting I suppose!

February 19, 2015 at 12:51PM

Ben Meredith

Thank you to everyone! This really helped me out and cleared a lot of things up for me. Definitely going to be looking into the cameras listed and just try some of them out.

February 21, 2015 at 2:17AM

Hovig Kazandjian
Writer, Director

In July, Blackmagic is releasing the Ursa mini. The 4k EF mount version goes for $3000 which is aroundish the same price as BMPC 4K. It also has the exact same sensor (and the sensor chamber is removable so owner can upgrade sensors themselves later on with same body (body is "future-proof")) as the 4K cinema camera but is far more ergonomically designed, has accessories for run&gun capabilities, has real audio levels. BM basically took ALL feedback from what was wrong with the 4K cinema cam and mashed it with a smaller Ursa and BOOM! Ursa mini. If it shoots anything like its older brother, I'm REALLY excited.

May 22, 2015 at 8:26AM


The Ursa Mini's sensor isn't upgradeable I'm afraid; this is possible on the "Big Brother" Ursa.

June 17, 2015 at 4:03AM

Sathya Vijayendran

It also loses the Global Shutter on the URSA mini. Unless you plan on never panning a shot. you might want to go with the full URSA.

March 23, 2016 at 4:04PM

Jadan Duffin
Visual Effects Artist & Photographer

Late to the show but here's my two cents: It's not the equipment, but how you use it... Starter-Outers and Students should keep this in mind, and remember that the uber successful film Paranormal Activity was shot with a Sony HDR-FX1. If you're trying to impress National Geographic with color saturation then spend your hard earned money (or your parents). But the reality is Story, lighting, and sound (including ambient and score) then video.

February 22, 2017 at 11:50AM, Edited February 22, 11:50AM

randy clark

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