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canon c100 or sony fs700?

I've been looking for a camera to purchase as my new A cam for most of my freelance work. I do have a blackmagic pocket that I'll keep as a b cam and for short films. I want something that I can use for run and gun work and should perform well in any circumstances.
I like the better codecs and raw shooting with the fs700 but the c100 has a better form factor and the body is cheaper so I can afford better lenses.

I will definitely rent before I buy, but I'd like to hear what your opinions are on these cameras if you've shot with them before!

The options I'm looking at are:
The Canon C100 with 24-70 f2.8L lens or the Sony fs700 with kit lens and raw 4k upgrade? (They both sell on ebay for $1900-2200 total)


Between the two cameras it won't really make that much of a difference, slow mo or no slow mo thats pretty much it.

February 6, 2018 at 3:34PM

Indie Guy

Personally I would go with the C100. It's just so much easier to hold than the fs700.

Also I like that good ol canon color science.

Alsooooooooo the c100 has 2 card slots, sooo that's cool.

You could also consider the GH5. Get some 4k or HD 10 bit with good sensor stabilization. It's not as much fun to hold like a C100 though.

idk. Like Indie Guy said, there's not much of a difference.

February 8, 2018 at 2:37PM

Alex Alva

Though I have not used a c100, I have used a c300 and assisted for a c500. At my current day job we use an fs700. Personally, unless the c100 has significant changes from the other cameras in its series I would go with the c100 any day over the sf700. Maybe that's just me. The fs700 doesn't give you easy control of ISO for one thing, as in you can't dial it in without navigating multiple menus. I may be remembering the c300 incorrectly, but if it's like my 50d or 5DmkII you can dial in the ISO to the exact setting you want with relative ease. In the fs700 you can use a low, medium, or high gain instead that can be switched to ISO rating, but you can only switch between whatever 3 ISOs you choose for your low, medium, and high on the switch. The only way I've found to change this is going into the camera and setting a new ISO rating to one of your switch positions. That one difference between the two cameras is big enough for me that I would never consider buying an sf700 for myself. That isn't my only reason, but again, for me personally that reason alone is enough.

To elaborate just slightly on the overall differences, I haven't tested their images side by side at all in any compacity, but the c300 and c500 (and therefore I assume the c100) give me significantly easier access to the controls I want and need and the fs700 is more like a journalist's camera or something because it makes fine tuning of the settings difficult in favor of automating everything instead. I feel like the c300 and c500 let me shoot the images I want how I want and the fs700 is asking me to let it decide for me. And that could work for you, there's nothing wrong with that, it just isn't for me.

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Brian Mellott
Camera Assistant, Grip, Gaffer, Cinematographer

Canon has the best color short of Red or Arri and it's easy to work with. Having had several cards fail during assignments, I always record to two cards at once, so Sony would be a deal breaker for me even before getting to the inferior color. If you can swing it, consider a used C300, that form factor, codec, and instant recording backup to the more reliable CF cards are a nice balance. Shoot pretty much all day in 1080p on one 128gb card if you want to. Just make it Sandisk.

February 12, 2018 at 9:49AM


Inferior color? This is disappointing about the new generation of filmmakers. You have a set of colors that match your aesthetic. But you don't want to study how to manipulate an image to get there and want to find a camera that just gives it to you. Theres not a single look out there that canon can produce that the sony can't. They both just capture data, and you can change the data to the set of colors that match your aesthetic. Its just a matter of whether you know how to get it there. Theres no such thing as inferior colors in this case, they capture the roughly the same amount of data. If you want the camera to do most of the work and you like the factory shipped canon looks thats fine and might be easier, but you can get the same exact look on sony if you knew what you were doing.

February 13, 2018 at 7:39AM, Edited February 13, 7:39AM

Indie Guy

mmm, well, I'm afraid I disagree, (perhaps I should have added the obvious, that the statement is based on opinion). They capture and record their data in different ways, with different sensors that interpret colours differently, and I bet I could pick out a Canon vs. Sony sensor 9 times of out ten. If I'm so wrong about that, why is Arri both incredibly expensive and incredibly popular in the high-budget arena? If they could just take any 10-bit 2K image and have it fixed in grading, why aren't they saving the money? It's like saying Ektachrome and Kodachrome were equals, all they did was record data. Nope. For the price range, Canon has the better sauce.

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Yea we agree to disagree, the only things that matter is the bit depth and the full well capacity, if those are similar you can create the same look from different sensors. The fs700 and c100 are pretty similar in those specs. Arri is much higher in those specs so thats why the industry chooses the Alexa. Its great you can tell the difference between two images where the filmmakers followed the camera manufacturers instructions to a T, but you don't need to do that. Thats why you have the log. The film analogy doesn't really work. This is digital, its all ones and zeros, even arri's rec709 lut is not magic its a list of coordinates of where to map color. You can map other cameras to those coordinates, at least close enough where you can't tell the difference. If your colorist sucks then you can't. Thats why I think we should stop talking about the sony look and the canon look and start talking color and how to manipulate it so we can take any sensor and map it to the same look. Thats what ACES has set out to do. But we're stuck in this BS thinking digital sensors are like film stocks and their not.

February 14, 2018 at 8:47AM, Edited February 14, 8:47AM

Indie Guy

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