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Canon Picture Styles

I've been playing around a lot with Picture Styles for my Canon 550d the last couple of days, after buying the VisionColor PS. After testing it for a while, I also installed Technicolor Cinestyle to get a really flat and nice PS in the collection.

Personally I really enjoyed using the VisionColor and VisionTech PS, as they are easy to color grade with and quickly get to a good result if you have to do any fast turn arounds. I also found that the Vision Tech is more "flat" than me just dialling in "Sharpness 0, Contrast -4, Saturation -2, Color Tone 0" into my "User Defined" Canon picture style.

Anyone have any experience with these two picture styles, or maybe some other styles that gives a flat image? Any recommendations?

What I'm also wondering is how people do their Color Correction/Grade workflow, especially shooting with really flat profiles. Trying to find good habits and workflows to make my footage look good, even in quick turnaround projects.

Thanks! :)

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On my 550D, the offerings from Vision Color are all I run. With Magic Lantern, I have two styles setup. One for standby and one for record. I use CineLook for standby mode as it's close to what my final look will usually be and I can light the scene with confidence. For recording, I'll use VisionColor. I do my edit in Avid and then grade in Resolve using keys to help isolate the skin.

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