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Cardora Film Festival - 50% discount for NFS

Hi NoFilmSchoolers,
Cardora Film Festival has just created a 50% discount for all those in the No Film School community: coupon: NoFilmSchool50 on https://filmfreeway.com/festival/Cardora
It is good til the end of the year!

We, Celine Rich and Julian Darley, invented Cardora to help us and all other filmmakers reach an audience and get some revenue from our work because we found it almost impossible to sell short films or build a large enough fan-base to make crowdfunding successful. Cardora is a kind mash-up of spotify.com, jacquielawson.com and slideshare.net.

Cardora.co is a platform for movie distribution, viral promotion and revenue generation which has two parts:

1) Cardora Film Festival: to find the best micro-movies from around the world - including yours!

2) Cardora Moviecards: an e-greeting card subscription service - an engaged audience paying to circulate your movies, so you get revenue! See an example moviecard!

Micro-movies wanted!

We are looking for movies which are charming, intriguing and intelligent stories or some kind of vignette or tableau vivant (about 1-2 mins long) with high production values. These can be live action or animation (or a mixture).

We have made some examples for you to see on cardora.co.

We don't mind when your film was made or where it has been seen before. We accept films from your back catalogue or specially made films and from anywhere in the world and in any language (but non-English films will need subtitles if there is any dialogue). You can even re-edit or excerpt from a longer film and you can enter as many films as you like!

Already there is a fantastic response from filmmakers from around the globe.

Prize winning and qualifying movies will be added to the catalogue for Cardora Moviecards and you will share in the revenue of Cardora's moviecard subscribers (as explained in detail on our website). You can see all the rules here.

Qualifying moviemakers will get a moviemakers homepage on Cardora to help you build a fan-base and a fan page for each accepted movie. Subscribers can become a fan of both you and a fan of your movie(s).

When you come to do a crowdfunding for your next movie you will be able to call on your engaged fans, many of whom will have sent your Cardora movies out as moviecards to their friends. Research has shown that if someone has already paid money for a small item (ie sending your film out as a moviecard) they are much more likely to pay more for a bigger item (crowdfunding a movie) when asked.

You can enter your film(s) on FilmFreeway: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/Cardora

Please join us in making movies that make money!
Celine Rich & Julian Darley

Deadlines Categories
24 October 2014 Halloween
13 November 2014 Thanksgiving
30 November 2014 Christmas & Holidays
31 December 2014 Open Festival

Prize for each category is US$100


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