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Check out a music video I directed?

I'd like some feedback on a music video I directed. Cinematography/lighting, editing, anything!

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Overall it´s a good videoclip, you got some great shots with really nice cinematography. As a director decisions i have a couple of questions: 1.- Why the dolls? like, you chose to present them in the beginning but you didn´t developed anything else through the video and at the end you close with the male doll. 2.- Why only one performance setup? Why only in medium shot? You could (should??) played a little more, maybe some full shots (i didn´t saw any instrument beside the hanging guitar)... And as a comment, be extra careful with the lip-sync the shot at 0:46 it´s way out of sync. Technically speaking it´s really cool (aside from the running part at 2:41, that´s not a good choice using DSLR). As a personal comment, the singer looks a lot like the guy from Billy on the Street and i fucking hate him D: ... Keep on working bro!

March 20, 2017 at 6:36AM

Rafa Ga
Digital Film-Video Editor / Colorist / Motion Graphics

The camera work is probably the best thing about the video. Sorry I really think the song sucked and the acting was really bad. I felt so creeped out by the guy with the eyeliner and his odd looks to camera (how the fuck do you have so many views though!). As there's a lot of footage of this chap, you could have played around with a vignette or maybe a cool little lens baby to throw focus and make it a bit more interesting as the shots of him/her do become a bit tedious. I liked the outdoor shots and the lighting was really nice with all the autumnal browns of the leaves and trees which also matched the brickwork of the building which I liked. I think when making a music video with a narrative though, you really need to be clearer as to what is going on, I had no idea what the dolls related to or what the second couple were doing. Overall though, good job.

What sort of set up do you use?

March 20, 2017 at 3:00PM


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