August 26, 2015 at 3:49AM

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Choosing a budget film camera

I am currently using cheapo Nikon D3100 as my camera alongside with the 18-55mm kit and couple of M42 ones. I am planning on upgrading my toolbox, and probably switching from Nikon.
First choice would go to Canon APS-C DSLR (something like 600D/650D) because I'd love to have Magic Lantern in my pocket. But researching on internet I have been lately seeing more and more people recommending Sony cameras, which is said to deliver better video quality and more functions (which I found to be true, but still - Canon has ML which evens things out) and I want those sexy functions like zebra, peaking, audio levels, 3,5mm mic input, crop marks (for 2.35:1)... and stuff :p
My question is, should I go for Canon 600D/650D with ML or search for Sony cameras like used A6000 (new one is a bit to expensive for me). I am not really educated into Sony products so that's why I need help on deciding on system.
My target budget is around 500 euros (around 550$ I think), I think no more because I want to save the rest for other filmmaking stuff.
I plan to use M42 lenses mainly, because I got some of them and I heard they work worst on Nikon system so I expect them only to get better on Canon/Sony. Of course in future I plan on upgrading from M42 set to some decent ones, but for now I want to stay on M42 field. So which system (and camera) should I go for? Canon or Sony?


Why switch from Nikon ? All of the Canon APS-C cameras ( except for the new 7D Mk2 ) have moire and aliasing problems in the image they capture and the image is less detailed than all of their competitors.

The Nikon D5200 or D5300 camera produces a much better image and has almost no moire or aliasing in the image. ( even dynamic range is noticeably better than the Canon equivalent )

If money is tight I would look for a used Nikon D5200, which can be bought used for less than $400. If your budget is bigger, then I would look at a used Nikon D5300 which produces a great video image and is a fantastic still photo camera. ( better dynamic range and sharper, more detailed image than the Canon equivalent cameras )

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Well I want to move away from Nikon mostly because of the lenses. M42's don't work well with Nikon mount build, and on the other side I'm not well educated about Cine-stuff for Nikon. And all I see on the internet about lenses is a non-stop talk about canon, 4/3, sony etc, which results in zero knowledge about putting a decent glass dedicated for shooting film!

Second thing is that Nikon lacks all the cool functions that make filmmaking easier!

If possible, walk be through decent cine glass for Nikon mount.

August 28, 2015 at 4:30PM


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