October 25, 2016 at 1:03PM


Cinematographer Searching for Los Angeles Directors & Producers

Hello everyone!

My name is Scott B. Siracusano, I am Cinematographer currently based in Los Angeles California. I moved out to the west coast about a week ago from NYC, and wanted to collaborate with some other creatives in the area!

Here are a few links to my most recent DP work:

This was a small project that I shot and directed on the Panaflex Platinum using one 1,000ft magazine of 35mm Kodak 500T/5212. It was a no-budget shoot that was setup and wrapped within a 6 hour time constraint. This was my first time shooting on 35mm, so it was a bit of a venture into uncharted territory.



I would love to meet up and work with some of you guys! Feel free to reach out anytime, my friends!

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