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The Coen Brothers: How to Start Your First Indie Film?

It is a commonly-held belief among many film lovers that the finest directors adhere to a signature style, look or genre. When beholding a true auteur’s film, we must immediately be able to recognize it as being Godardian, Scorsesian, Vardaesque. We must feel the director’s unmistakable touch in the dialogue, notice typical approaches to framing and editing, or identify a unifying style throughout their work.

Watching Mulholland Drive without any prior context, we should be able to identify it as a David Lynch film. Certain elements of the mystery genre are so linked with Hitchcock, we view them as parody or pastiche in other films. This way of looking at directors holds up in some cases and erodes in others. In the case of the Coen Brothers, it does both.

Perhaps no other contemporary filmmaker (or fraternal filmmaking duo, to be precise) weaves in and out of typically-rigid film genres as artfully as the Coen Brothers.

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Can we keep this type of post out of the forum boards? I understand your trying to promote your website, but there is a sponsored post thing for No Film School.

I think the forums on NFS should be more about post on filmmaking from filmmakers asking for advice, etc. Not advertising.

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Seriously. How is this allowed?

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Not to mention he has literally dozens of these posts littering the NFS boards, covered in unrelated tags to attract clicks. This should not be allowed.

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