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Cooking show techniques/advice?

Okay, just a little back story. I'm a video production student, getting ready to produce my first real personal project. One of my besties is a fantastic cook with a rockin' style. We've decided to make a cooking show. We're working on themes, recipes etc., and I've got some decent audio gear on the way to supplement our "several phones and a tablet" shooting style.

I guess my question is, is there anything particular to producing a cooking show (as opposed to, say, a short film or a talk show) that you think I ought to know? Timing, shot order, what have you... I'm sure some of you have experience with this, and I greatly look forward to hearing what you have to say.



If you want to shoot it like a "live" event then you really need multiple cameras, so that you get everything from the wide-shot, the medium "interview" shot, and close-up shots of the food as it is being prepared. Then everything is combined to tell the best story you can in the finished edit.

If you're not shooting things "live", meaning you can re-do things to get a different angle or different shot, then I would start out by shooting a photo-storyboard with a digital camera to figure out the shots you want to get. Your friend doesn't have to prepare any food for the photo-storyboard, but she needs to simulate what she would be doing when she would cook the real thing, so that you can determine the shots you need to tell your story.

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Guy McLoughlin
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Fantastic advice! Thank you very much. :)

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L.Rowan McKnight
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