February 17, 2016 at 10:48AM


Do Celebrities make your Production what it is? Are they completely necessary?

Do you need A-List Celebrities in your Production for it to be attractive and successful?

The answer is to me is no, many films and TV productions have A-list stars in the cast but they often fail to rate with audiences!

Your production doesn’t always need big star names to make it attractive to an audience, it’s actually the least important factor for a TV series, documentary or film.

No, A-List celebrities will not what will make or break your production, rather, the story will!

Yet many Broadcasters and Studios won't even give you the time day let alone commission your story unless you have a name behind it. So how do you get around this?

A powerful story is far more important than a cast of leading A-list celebrities. If the story is weak, or reliant on, or designed around big names, it’s not something you should really be focusing on, and an audience won’t either!

Now, take a powerful story that almost everyone can relate to, find a hook and let the honesty of the drama unfold naturally from its roots, and the cast does not have to include anyone famous.

In actual fact, taking someone unknown with a really good story to tell and adapting it for the screen is often the most fresh and interesting thing a production can do. After all, we already get spoon fed enough of the same old, same old on television and cinema.

Having the story, however, is only one piece of the equation. That said, now that we have the story and now that we have a cast and an audience, how does that get brought from paper to screen?

Simple answer: Finance, Produce and Distribute the project!

That’s all well and good, but there is still only a story and a cast, what next? Finding cash to film something ain't that easy bud!

The next steps are to identify a Finance Path, develop a solid business plan, find a solid team of collaborators willing to partner up and help get the project financed, then film the damn thing and lastly distribute.

No, it's anything but easy to get the finance to get anything made - whatever that may be - and it takes a whole lot of heart, dedication, research, patience and enthusiasm to make it happen!

It’s a lot of work, and there is tons of competition out there. That being the case, once you have a market to work with, and a team of people to handle it, your project is half way there.

It’s still a lot of extremely hard work to get the funds in place, and once they are, you begin production – which is a fantastic experience and very rewarding but equally as hard work.

Finally, you’ve completed editing of your show and it’s ready to release. In the background, the distribution is all arranged and you release. The audience loves the final result and feedback is overwhelming, because you’ve done all the ground work prior to release!

The story speaks for itself, the cinematography is astounding and you’re exhausted but proud.

You’ve busted your rear end to finance, crew, produce, edit, market and release your story successfully and it’s all because a team was built from the ground up that believed in the project and committed with all they had!

Were Celebs necessary to achieve that?

No! A Dedicated team of professionals that gave their all made it happen... the biggest challenge for any project is not finance, it's finding that team!

What's your take? Has anyone else in the forum experienced that well known tune from Commissioners? "Yeah, the treatment is good, but what's the cast?"

Be interesting to know how you've gotten around it and built the right team.

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