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Does my film suck? Film Evaluation Form

I've updated my customizable Film Evaluation Form - posted 4 years ago
... thanks to dvxuser's for all the help! Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Full Article with downloads of form in many formats:

Receiving meaningful feedback on your short films or feature film is extremely important.

You can’t beat sitting with an audience to see and hear their reaction to your film. Sometimes reactions may be misleading. If an audience is very quiet, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bored. Using a simple evaluation form at screenings can help you gauge how good your film really is and how to improve not only that film but future films.

I created this free evaluation form because we could not find a good film evaluation form on the internet that could be easily customized and meet the needs of most filmmakers. It’s licensed under Creative Commons, meaning you can customize and distribute it freely...
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This is an update to my post: Does my film suck? Film Evaluation Form

That evaluation form was meant for feature films. Here is the same idea, but the form is geared towards SHORT FILMS. I figure only a few filmmakers make features anyways.

Easily customized, released under Creative Commons License - PDF, Micro$oft Word and plain old text formats:


See the PDF here:

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