September 4, 2015 at 9:50AM


The Drone - A very timely horror parody

The Drone - Trailer #1 (2015) - HD - Stephanie Koenig, Nick Nick Jandl, Kevin Dorff

Director: Jordan Rubin, DP: Jonathan Hall, 1st AD: Dave Halls, AC: John Nitz

Featuring: Phantom 2 Vision Plus V3
Shot on: SONY A7s
Special Thanks: Gene Stupnitsky, Mike Hammeke, Robert Smat

It’s like something out of a dream. It’s perfect. What’s that? A house warming gift. Open it. A drone. Oh my god. Oh wow. Hi! Wow! It’s not funny Doug, you said it was dangerous to fly it in the house. Honey, I swear I haven’t touched that thing since yesterday. Well it didn’t operate itself. We’re gonna be okay. Okay? Our dog is dead. Don’t you see? It’s been flying around without batteries. This is so crazy. Now you say you found the drone in a department store on Wabash? Mind if I use your bathroom? We’re getting the hell out of here. Oh no! You son of a bitch! What does it want? I declare this house a no fly zone.

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