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DSLR sound

looking to upgrade my DSLR sound equipment. currently have a shure shotgun mic that sits on the hot shoe but the quality is not much better than the dslr without it. Ive heard people suggest the Rode video mic pro r and video mic go. any other suggestions/thoughts?


First, when recording dialog all microphones have to be between 1.5 - 3 feet of the person speaking to obtain good audio. This means that the worst place to put your mic is on your camera because it's too far away from the person you want to record.

So before you buy another mic I would try and find a way to mount your Shure shotgun mic closer to the person you are filming. You can mount it on a stand beside or below the person speaking as long as it's out of your shooting frame, or you can mount it on a boom and have somebody hold it above the person speaking. ( or you can even use a boom stand which can be a bit pricey )

If you just want to test to see the difference, bring your camera with the mic on top of it about 2 feet from the person speaking and record some audio ( forget about the video image for this test ) and you should hear a big difference in the quality of your sound.

I don't know which Shure mic you own, but generally the Shure portable mics sound about the same as the Rode Video Mic Pro, so buying a new mic probably won't make any difference to your sound.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

It's all about mic placement. Like Guy said, 1.5 to 3 ft pointed at the subject's mouth is best. Look into getting a decent boom pole and try that out first, you may find you don't need a new mic if you're happy with the results.
Personally as a boom stand I use a c stand and boom pole with one of these
which is great because c-stands are so versatile and strong. (I use a cheap ktek boompole with rode ntg3 and rode blimp, it gets heavy).

You can also find lighter weight stands for cheaper than the cost of a c-stand, adaptor, and boom pole, but I like having the option of being able to grab and go with the boom pole when I have an audio person with me.

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