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Editing a mini documentary and need your help with the story arc!

Hey beautiful people. The No Film School community has been a tremendous help with my upbringing as a filmmaker and I am very grateful for the resource. From all the amazing articles to all the very talented community members, it's all amazing.

With that being said... I NEED YOUR HELP!

I am in the process of editing together a mini documentary piece that will showcase three stories of immigrants and their journey to the united states. I having a very hard time visualizing how I can put these stories together. Any advise would be helpful.

But also if you have seen any work that is similar to the idea listed above please comment with the link. I would love to check it out for inspiration and ideas to edit this mini doc.

- Thanks in advance to those people who will engage with this post.


There wasn't a plan when filming?
You need to analyse and organise what you've got.
Look what the 3 stories share and look what makes them different.
Find 2 obstacles they all had to face.

There should be an arc somewhere :-p
And yo don't need to visualize it at once: write down the possible structure(s) your story can have first.

Good luck!

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That helps a lot thank you so much for your reply!!

October 17, 2015 at 8:58AM

Yash Mori
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I think you need to find out the most important subjects in your footage and gradually you'll discover your film's story arc.

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Emil F. Skanning
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Well, it is always a good way when you can just simply work on something that exists in reality. What I mean here is that if this story is inspired by a real-life experience then all you need is to present the very same story in the most inspiring or creative way. but if you don't have any story, just imagine a specific country, an under developing one would be really helpful. Any country that is very low in resources and imagines how is it like to move to America from there. Mention all the visa troubles, traveling issues and so on. Your idea is very creative, give it a good go!

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I was delighted to run across your story . Many times even I thought to write like this too but it takes time and hard work to make such great story but I put things off too much and never seem to get started. Well never give up buddy! All the best!

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