November 3, 2017 at 8:53PM


Editing Premiere Pro with 2 editors - An Update

An update on a previous post about editing on 2 premiere systems.

We edited a 60 minute corporate doc that required 2 editors. Our process, which worked well and allowed us to work side by side on 2 mac machines was as follows.

2 8tb WD drives with matching footage, in Proress 422 HQ. - Ensured matching Drive Names and Folder Structure.

We then set up a DropBox account for where we each set up our own projects.

We had an account with Audio Network and were able to download music and sfx and this would be saved into the dropbox as well. We would also save any graphics and titles to the dropbox.

We each edited sequences and as we completed them would compile them into a master sequence by importing the sequence into the master project and relinking the footage to the other drive.

This worked great to build the project and would be resplit into longer sequences for draft edits.

Some things to note:
- Make sure the Premiere Pro versions are the same
- We didnt pay for DropBox so would occasionally need to move the music files to the hard drives and clear the dropbox.
- make sure you dont have our autosaves going to the dropbox or their will be constant updates on both machines. Its just annoying.
- Be vigilant about your timeline (audio and video) setup and clean the timeline before importing it to the master timeline.

Recently their have been updates reported to increase the ability of premiere pro users to collaborate, however we didnt utilise these updates.

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