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Enroll in ‘The Martin Scorsese Film School’ – Learn From the Master

A Martin Scorsese Film School..sign me up! If you are a filmmaker alive today then you should know all of Martin Scorsese’s work. His films are a master class in themselves. I used to pay $125 a piece for his films on Criterion Collection LaserDiscs (yes I’m old) just to listen to his commentaries.

Watch The Martin Scorsese Film School below — it’s a remarkable launching pad for further film study. And if you haven’t already, watch every movie on his list of The 85 Films You Need to See to Know Anything About Film — find them, watch them, and study them. This short video essay can only teach you so much so go and watch the list!

Inspired by the article over at Flavorwire. According to the article, the video includes clips from films mentioned in the “Scorsese 85“, along with audio clips (when possible) from Scorsese’s documentaries A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies and My Voyage to Italy.

Check out ‘The Martin Scorsese Film School’ for yourself:

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