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Evolution Of An Action Sequence - Step by Step

I wanted to go in depth on how I shot a 3 min action sequence/gun fight in my short film BROKEN. I had no experience shooting any type of action whatsoever. Being nervous about shooting this complex gun fight, I rehearsed…a lot.

When you have a small (or no) budget and you are attempting an ambitious action sequence, rehearsal is your best friend.

The bulk of choreography we did in rehearsal layered the foundation for the action sequence. Doing that much rehearsal also help bond my cast and crew.

Any bond you can create with cast and crew before you go into production is helpful on the battlefield that is a film set. This is why famous directors like Clint Eastwood and Ron Howard have been using the same crew for years. When it was a 100+ degrees in that basement and we’re on day four of shooting, those hopefully positive relationships you created will help you through.

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August 7, 2015 at 1:03PM

Cathy Danneberg
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