September 21, 2016 at 2:48AM


Excellent review of RED RAVEN provides lots of additional info

NFS member Jeremy Tremp wrote up an amazing article titled "THE RED RAVEN HAS LANDED":
It's a great article because it illustrates, with lots of BTS stills and detailed writing, all the other stuff that goes into making (music) videos than just the camera: concepts, styling, set selection, wardrobe, makeup, lighting, lenses, set design, grading, etc. So many people ask on these boards "what's the best all-around camera for shooting documentaries, sports, feature films, and music videos?" This article narrows the subject down to a single genre--music videos--and shows how the camera itself is just a part of the equation. (And, from a budgetary point of view, how a $5,000 body fits into a $20,000-$30,000 gear budget. A camera body half that price would change those numbers by only 10%.)
He writes about the bad along with the good, and talks about his own evolution from using a Canon T2i for three years (back in 2010) up to being a RED user today. Check it out!

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