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Exciting Subject Matter Presentation is Key to Getting More Funding!

HOW you present any given topic for documentary filmmakers
or for those of you into pure action sports is a KEY aspect
in terms of obtaining popularity on Youtube and other websites
which then translates into FUNDING for your passion projects.

The videos below were shot on a frozen mountain lake
at the top of a vast and beautiful mountain range showing
some ex-NHL and seasoned amateur hockey players
playing a game of hockey in the frozen Canadian Wilderness
and showcases figure skater Elizabeth Putnam doing a
solo skating routine at 5000 feet and above!

These videos highlight how exciting twists upon interesting
subject matter combined with good cinematography,
editing and music makes for an amazing final result!

Created by helicopter pilot Bradley Friesen:

Ice Hockey on a Frozen High-Mountain Lake:

Figure Skating on the Top Of The World:

So take a subject that is PASSIONATE to you
and use someof that SKILL in composition,
framing, editing, narration, music and more
to make a video that gets enough web hits to
allow you to get lots of funding for more of
your personal "Passion Projects"!

And as you can see by the videos (watch in 1080p or 4k!)
THIS CINEMATOGRAPHY IS WHY i'm in this business!
It gives you the freedom to create something DIFFERENT!

So this discussion is to be about:

a) How to decide which of your "Passion Projects" can
be made "more exciting" for maximum viewer popularity.

b) How can I put an unusual twist upon it to make it different
from all the other videos out there?

c) Methods to get logistical help on realizing that
passion project (i.e. get gear, people and moral support!)

d) Getting your vision past Youtube and into the outer world.
(i.e. who to call to a wide-audience media outlet involved)

The two above projects were helped by some extra
publicity from the New York Times simply by

New York Times article:
Hockey in the Mountains, a High Point in Their Lives:

I emphasize that getting an opinion piece about your project
in a major media outlet is truly key to realizing a financial
and/or future funding benefit for your own passion projects.

So what do YOU pros and soon-to-be-pros know and can
share about your own interesting twist upon your own
subject-area or documentary passion projects?

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