June 27, 2018 at 8:33AM


Festivals & Labs

Among 3000 odd Film Festivals which ones do you look for?

7 out of 10 Filmmakers when submitting to festivals will first consider going for the Big names! But! are they really right for you? Its like “Don’t choose the book by its cover!” One thing filmmakers forget to do is - see if the festival is right for them? Not every festival is for everyone! Some festivals are for audiences and some for filmmakers, and a very limited number of them can manage both!

If you’re an emerging filmmaker then have a clear idea on what do you want out of your film? and which festival can offer that! whether its Networking? Industry Connections? Recognition? Money? Career Development? or just a trophy? Majority of the festivals will have a specific offering! It is up to you which path you want to take.

Though almost every festival offer screenings and a trophy! there are very limited number of them that are majorly focussed on filmmaker development, or supporting under-represented filmmakers. One such festival is launched by The Independent Film Academy, which is a not for profit organisation dedicated to discovering the best of emerging filmmakers from around the world, promoting under-represented film talent and help them develop their career path through their workshops and festival The International Film Awards (aka - TheIFAs).

They will also soon be announcing their International Co-production Film Lab for emerging filmmakers, to be launched in partnership with a world wide network of film and creative organisations, that can offer better resources to filmmakers who’re looking to accelerate their career!

Despite being relatively new TheIFAs has already established some great partnerships, their last festival saw projects from 24 different countries, screened in Newcastle, UK. This year they’re expecting diverse and higher-quality projects, from across the globe. Having partnered with one of the largest Cinema Chains, they will launch an Asia strand in India next year and a Latin Strand in Mexico.

The Deadline for the EarlyBird submissions is by end of this month - 30th June! You can be part of the festival & submit your films via www.FilmFreeway.com/TheIFAs or European Filmmakers can also do so via www.Reelport.com/festivals/11277

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