January 20, 2018 at 9:24AM


Film Festival Screener Tracking Statistics

You can see what festival is watching your film if you submit through filmfreeway.com with a vimeo private link and utilize vimeo stats. Just view "source url" under your vimeo stats. Then, click on "filmfreeway.com." Once clicked, another breakdown of urls will open. You will see a list of "/submissions/8672275" (this number is an example from my account.) Now, go to your filmfreeway.com account and go to the submissions page. The number you are looking for is not the "submission tracking number" under each submission. It is actually in the raw html coding of that submission web page. You will need to right click and select "page source" to view the html coding of the page. As you browse through the coding, you will find a submission number and film festival a few lines a part. This is the correct number that correlates the film festival, submission, and vimeo stats. I created a separate sheet where I put the film festival and its correct submission number. I can now easily track what festival is watching my film. When, where, and who are all laid out in front of me. Hope this helps!

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