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Film History

I decided not to go to film school, but several people I know have. One thing they all have told me is that they learned little to no film history (such as how Hollywood started). I, too, was curious, so I've been watching YT docs...very interesting. I tried looking into a few blogs about classic film, but they were a little...highbrow...? Like they talked UP to people and assumed we were all experts on the subject, which I'm not. I did find one newer blog that keeps things simple though - if anyone else is interested in silent movies here's the link:
If you went to film school, did you learn much about the history of movies? I think it's rather sad that there's not much time devoted to it.


Hi Jenna! I didn't go to film school (yet! I might be joining USC this fall) but I went to an acting conservatory. Some of the electives I took were film and society, Great films and women in film. My professors did a really amazing job at showing us select films from the 1900's all the way through the 80's and had us discuss the movies before an after. What helped was that all my professors were A list actors and they were therefore very resourceful. Some of my friends who went to film school didn't have the same experience though. However, I felt like the classes were very introductory and not very specific to certain areas that I would have loved to learn about like aspect ratios, shooting styles, equipment and editing- all these I'm teaching myself. Was it worth it to spend all that money though? On good days I say YES on bad days I say, "A good day is coming!"

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That's awesome! I'm glad you at least got some history in your conservatory. :)

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