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Filming with the Sony A7 III

So who does film with the Sony A7 III?
- What was the main reason you chose this camera over other cameras in the same price market?
- Did you consider the GH5 instead? And what made you chose the A7 III?

I'm asking this because I'm faced with this question of choosing either the A7 III or the GH5 with a speedbooster which both options would be about the same costs.
Important for me is low light performance, DR and having wide shots easily (FF equivalent lower than 24mm is difficult/expensive to get with a MFT sensor) because currently I'm shooting on a GH4 with adapted vintage lenses (so no mount bonds).


I shoot (now) on dedicated video cameras, but I have shot with numerous Sony cameras and the GH4/5. Since I am also a photographer, I would personally get the a7 III, but if video were my primary or only concern, it would definitely be the GH5 (or GH5s, more likely) with a speedbooster.

The only real advantages I see the Sony having are a 6K down-sample and of course the full frame. Neither of these things is really a big deal to me - chasing the extra sharpness that a 6K down sample gives you is silly to me, and I'm much more accustomed to Super 35 size sensors (which a GH5 + Speedbooster will pretty much accomplish).

The a7 III probably has an advantage in low-light, but keep in mind if you're using a speedbooster you do get a "boost" in that regard as well, and (though I don't know for sure) that probably closes the gap for the most part.

GH5 does, however, have these far more important qualities: 10 bit 4:2:2 internally, better color science (I am not a fan of Sony's CS in regards to video), better IBIS, and a better form factor for video. The a7 III probably has a *bit* of a DR advantage, but once again, I think the GH5 closes (or exceeds) that gap with its higher bit rate 4:2:2 and therefore extra post-processing latitude. The GH5s also has dual native ISO.

But, personally, if video were my only concern, I would skip both of those entirely and get the new Blackmagic 4K Pocket in a few months, with a speedbooster, and have a little money left over. Internal 12 bit RAW, 10 bit ProRes, excellent BlackMagic color science, dedicated video controls, dual native ISO, less money. Bonus: same mount as your GH4.

July 6, 2018 at 2:39PM

Matt Williams
Director of Photography

I own the a7III and have compared it side by side to the GH5: the a7III is much better in low light, even with a speed booster on the GH5. Also, I haven't seen any advantage of Panasonic's 10 bit 422 compared to Sony's 4k 8 Bit, they look nearly identical in DaVinci Resolve (in my opinion). I have zero complaints about owning the a7III (I started filming with Canons seven years ago); I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a small form factor video camera.

July 7, 2018 at 8:38AM

Sean Kenney
Event Cinematographer

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