May 17, 2016 at 3:45AM, Edited May 17, 3:45AM


Films are no longer the dominant format for VoD viewing via set top box.

…at least in the UK according to Mediabug Wave research. Here's a snippet from a more comprehensive piece published 16 May, 2016 on

"Films overtaken by UK TV dramas as VoD type most accessed via set top box. 34 per cent of the UK watched a UK TV drama in the last month, versus 32 per cent watching a film. US TV dramas also continue to grow; rising +2 per cent to 25 per cent. These results appear to reflect the recent popularity of high quality TV programming, and its usage as an appealing in-home consumption format."

Interestingly, Steven Soderbergh was recently quoted as saying, "I didn't know at the time of Che what I would be doing in five years would turn out to be TV, but I just knew it wasn't going to be movies. And now the only area of growth in the entire entertainment industry is one-hour original content. That's exploding, while everything else is shrinking."

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