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Finding DP work online?

Hey guys, it's Matteo here. I was just wondering where you guys find most of your work as dp... Are website like mandy etc useful in your opinion? Unfortunately I have been traveling for 4 years between Italy, Ireland, Cali and now Utah and I found out that every time I have to start from zero in terms of connections. Is there any website you really recommend? Even just for network... I realized the best thing to do is really getting in touch with directors or producers... They are the ones that will give you some real works. On the other side there are so many good DP out there that at some point it's probably just a matter of become friends with the right people... opinions? thank you!



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Mandy is good, I've had some nice hits/connections on there. Even if you only get 1 out of every 20 things you apply for, it's still nice.
CraigsList under "crew" is still actually sometimes a good source.
Networking is always the best. Easier said than done but most the stuff I seem to get just comes from connections and people I know or have met. ShareGrid also is a good resource - when you rent from people sometimes it starts a larger convo.

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