October 29, 2018 at 5:33AM


Finnish no-budget independent film “Medicated”

Ever wondered what it is like in Finland, in the country far far away in the distant north? Or especially what kind of movies they are into. Well now it is your great chance and privilege to get a glance of this mysterious dark land and culture by watching a movie made by ordinary Finnish working class who are self-made moviemakers (no fancy art-schools or other nonsense).

Medicated (original Finnish title “Lääkekoe”) is an action-packed independent Finnish no-budget film that tells a story of a mental patient who is sucked into a fight for the world domination after taking part on a weird medical experiment. But is it all really happening or is it just his sick imagination?

Despite being done with almost zero-budget, the movie has great deal of thrilling action scenes, great special effects, memorable compositions and well done acting.

If you hesitate to spend your precious time on watching the full movie, watch the trailer first and then feel the power of the full movie! Trust me, you will not be disappointed! The movie is spoken in Finnish but it has English subtitles.

Trailer available on youtube https://youtu.be/SejconR7IJc

Full movie available on youtube https://youtu.be/qnHnie1v550

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