September 25, 2018 at 6:30AM, Edited September 25, 6:31AM

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FS5 vs FS7 Shootout: Same Sensor, Same Image?

Hey all! I recently purchased the Sony FS5 because everyone and their grandma in our market own an FS7.

In my research, I found out that the FS5 Mk 1 and FS7 Mk 1 have the same sensor (Exmor CMOS Sensor), and because the RAW upgrade is so easy to add to the FS5 I wanted to test out its image quality head-to-head with the FS7.

My hypothesis was that if they have the same sensor, shooting 12-bit RAW out of the FS5 and bypassing the internal codecs, the FS5 image should beat out the FS7 internal 10-bit 4K.

I'm mainly looking at image quality while keeping the costs in mind (the FS5 with RAW/Atomos Inferno is around $7,000, while the FS7 with External RAW unit/Inferno is around $10,500).

I can't guarantee that our tests are the most scientific but we did our best! Hope someone finds this nerdy Sony video worthwhile haha.

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