November 28, 2016 at 7:29AM


Fulfilling a dream of making music for film. Let me do your music!!

My goal is to provide unique music for picture and games. I am looking for projects that need something different- projects that need to stand with their own voice. I am a passionate composer with an extensive, multi instrumental musical background. I have an enormous catalogue of pieces that I am constantly reworking and adding to.

I try to take a very artful approach to my music- always thinking of how it is emoting, how it can be reconceived, and always searching for a different approach to experiment with. My lifelong dream has been to compose music for picture, and now I embark on the journey.

I love films, and I love long format television shows. I believe that film & tv capitalize on every art form to create something no individual component can do alone. The contribution of music to picture has always fascinated me. A good score can sell the plot in one well placed note.

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