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General tips on filmmaking

I started a list of key things to do and remember as a filmmaker. Add to them an comment to create an ultimate filmmakers tips guide.
1. Make connections with EVERYONE and let them know you're serious about your work
2. Be professional (be the awe in awesome when people talk about you)
3. Be prepared, the only way to make an impression is to be better than your competitors (have a script or storyboard in your back pocket when you tell people about yourself)
4. Be confident, a lot of filmmakers consider their work a hobby not a life. Be proud of your work ( even be proud of mistakes you learned from)
5. Fail. If you can't take criticism and move on to be better, this may not be your chosen field of expertise
6. Network. Be it through FB, NFS, YouTube or anywhere else, show your work, take names and numbers of everyone you meet (even people who don't work in film), and keep them until you die. You never know when someone you used to know may come in handy or becomes the new Spielberg
7. Never stop. Always be in a production mode. Settling down and getting comfortable in life will get you nowhere. Own every moment you live, own it with film.


Always read, watch, shoot....

September 26, 2014 at 1:29AM

Ragüel Cremades
Film producer and director

On your networking comment: It's probably best to network outside the internet. The internet it good for information but the largest component of filmmaking is people, and you need to know these people face to face. Not that good connections can't be made over youtube, FB, etc. However there's no substitute for knowing someone in person, having worked with them, and them knowing that you are awesome at whatever you do having seen it in person.

Also don't be afraid to do things you don't usually do. I.E. you want to be a writer but maybe you meet some students or some people in town that are making a short and they need a sound person or a grip or a PA. If you help out on set in other ways than just your end goal, you get to meet the people that are actually doing things. Knowing those people will be the biggest help when it comes time to making your own project.

January 9, 2015 at 5:07PM

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JH Sprenkle

My suggestion is to make alot of films even if they are 1 min films. Script, shoot, edit, because you can have all the human factors down, but when the opportunity comes, can you deliver?

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I am new to filming, good information!

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