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Getting started with Gels and Diffusion...

Hey guys,

I am wanting to start assembling a basic 'light modification kit', featuring a basic range of gels and diffusion. I am an events videographer and I typically shoot with a natural light, but I sometime come across situations where practicals aren't the correct colour temperature, or are way too harsh... For this reason I am wanting to be more prepared and carry several gels and diffusion strengths.

Can anybody suggest a package that they may be able to suggest to get started, OR a good combination that I should carry for most situations (e.g. 4x CTO, 2x 1/2 CTO blah blah). Any help is much appreciated


The Lee Filters Quick Location Pack ( is a great starting place. On B&H Photo it has 55 reviews, and on the list of pros and cons, has lots of "pro"s and zero--ZERO!--"con"s.

These 10"x12" filters are well-suited for small practicals (650W and below). The filters themselves won't burn when you put them in front of a hot light, but if the light is hot enough, it will melt them. To protect them from melting, use a barn door (or similar) and use a metal clip to attach the gel to the end of the barn door. With a few inches of distance, they will last quite a long time.

Note also that for larger instruments (1K, 2K, etc), you'll need larger filters. I have a number of CTO and CTB filters (1, 1/2, 3/4, 1/4) in the 20"x24" size. I use diffuse bounce-boards for larger-scale diffusion.

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Thank you Michael, great advice!

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Thank you very much for sharing!!
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