June 25, 2017 at 8:54PM


Glidearm II

Coming Soon
Glidearm II
- Easy switch between Linear Motion and Follow Motion with a single dial knob, all while keeping the compactness of the Glidearm the same!
- Completely mechanical transmission system!
New Motorized Module kit
- Open-source based Motorized Module Kit that allows advanced motion timelapse!
- No longer need to unmount the camera from the Glidearm to switch between motorized form and manual mode!
- Simplistic and intuitive DC Geared Motor and a verified open-source based controller!
Glidearm II is currently in preparation for a crowdfunding. The reason for this is because while the functions of the Glidearm II have advanced compared to the Glidearm V4, its overall stability still has room for improvement. So don't panic if you have recently purchased the V4, this is only in preparation stage. And please stay tuned, we will come back with more news!

Hello, we are currently working on a second model of the Glidearm. This may be the first time hearing about the Glidearm. A successfully crowdfunded item on Kickstarter, Glidearm proposed a sensation to many people. Basically, it is a camera equipment equivalent to "camera sliders", however with an entirely different mechanism.
Here is the link to the Glidearm's Facebook page to find more information on it! Hope everyone enjoys.

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