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With guangdong gradually entered the rush hour

In January, the province without a report, were reported infectious disease b class infectious diseases, and death 74 people 18439 cases, c class infectious diseases morbidity 19317 example, 1 case of death. According to the bulletin, other province 21 cities last month were no public health emergencies report.AIDS mortality liters 13%The top five deaths last year the diseases in turn for AIDS, rabies, tuberculosis, c and hepatitis b. Rabies report last year, death 300 301 patients than the previous year, all patients were declined.

With guangdong gradually entered the rush hour, from AIDS last march, AIDS has been already for 11 consecutive months row in deaths first. Last year, according to figures the number, AIDS deaths 496 1157, morbidity, mortality was rising small drop about 13%."Last year HIV and patient totaling more than 50 cases, but infected people do not belong to legal contagion report category." Guangdong province CDC AIDS prevention director LinPeng explained, the province last year strengthened the infected people and AIDS follow-up, found some had previously been under-reporting the deaths, fill together "historical greatly". He predicts that as the increase of AIDS patient treatment dynamics, mortality is expected to decline.

LinPeng said, from January, guangdong comprehensively launches pregnant women free screening HIV, maternity and child care agencies can undertake free screening.AIDS into infectious diseases cause of death firstAuthor: term shanGuangdong yuean AIDS gradually entered the peak last infectious diseases morbidity up more than 4 intoReport from our correspondent (reporter ren shan) guangdong provincial health bureau yesterday afternoon reported last year and this year in January the epidemic. Last year the province were reported legal contagion 669741 example, death, compared to people 1137 increased morbidity and mortality 45.35% and 1.80% respectively.

It is worth noting, AIDS since last march onwards, already for 11 consecutive months in jiangsu infectious disease death first.C class infectious diseases increased mortality was more than twiceLast year the legal contagion report work-stressed 694.90/100,000, the mortality rate for 1.18/100,000, a fatality rate of 0.17%.

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