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Halloween is coming! We want your 15 second horror films!

"They won't stay dead."
Can you scare us in 15 seconds? Whether you're a professional building portfolio or someone who wants to explore the arts, the "15 Second Horror Film Challenge" is a not-for-profit online platform for indie filmmakers. It's FREE to enter, you retain exclusive rights to your work, and your social media is promoted in the process!

"To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'"
Celebrity guest judges, from icons Lloyd Kaufman (Troma), Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser), and The Grady Twins (The Shining) to breakthrough artists David F. Sandberg (Lights Out), Najarra Townsend (Contracted), and Kansas Bowling (B.C. Butcher), over a dozen names in horror have joined and returned to Season 2's panel, searching for the next voice of horror!

"If this movie doesn't make your skin crawl, it's on too tight!"
Season 1's winner Michael Horrigan (Lullaby, 3:01, Posthumous) not only had all three entries picked up by Eli Roth's CryptTV, but was also hired to produce five original shorts for them which went on to garner over 7 million views!

"They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs."
Season 1 received 200 entries from around the world. Over a dozen judges chose not only their personal Top 5 picks, but determined an unholy Top 10! Filmmakers included professionals to a teenager filmmaker who had never made movies before, had two of her entries rank Top 10; a rare feat!

"Part mystery. Part thriller. Parts missing."
So far Season 2 has received 100 entries prior to this fall! There are many dark horses in the running as well as very inspired works from newcomers to the arts, including our youngest filmmaker yet; a nine-year-old stop-motion animator. All entries premiere this Halloween. Judges' votes roll in by late November.

"...and remember, the next scream you hear may be your own!"
Whether you're a professional building portfolio who is ready to bring the house down or someone exploring the arts, filmmakers are more than welcome to join us, our celebrity guest judges, and the worldwide community to celebrate not only Halloween but independent filmmaking!

"Angela is having a party. Jason and Freddy are too scared to come. But you'll have a hell of a time."
Enter your film(s) through for FREE until October 24, 2016! Follow 15 Second Horror Film Challenge's Facebook at for all of the festivities.

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