January 18, 2019 at 4:16AM


HELP managing all my video footage and media!

Guys... I have spent the last few nights researching better ways to manage all my video media, and I feel more confused than ever (this isn’t really my thing, but I know how important it is).

I have learnt more about NAS, RAID and other things, but I am interested in how you all store and archive your media. Here is my set up which may help you suggest a workflow that will best suit my needs:

- I have been in business as a videographer for about 5 years
- My new camera is the BMPCC 4K, I have a a6500 as a B Cam
- I am a one man operator, editing from my office at home (but having capabilities to accomodate a second editor in the future would be nice)

Here’s what I’m thinking. Please provide feedback:

Travel Drives - 2x 4TB WD Passport drives for use on location and offloading footage to. One drive will be used as the primary storage, the other as a back up.

Active Projects/Media drive - A NAS at home (is this overkill?) which will be connected to my computer for editing. I currently have a couple of 500gb SSD’s installed in my computer which I have been using as media drives for editing... however, I am finding some projects are getting bigger than the capacity of those drives now, so is the next best step a NAS drive like the popular one from QNAP set up in a
RAID configuration? (Any SSD over a couple of TB seem pricy, and there is no redundancy either)

- Archiving Projects - a slower raid set up for archiving. Once a project is completed, it can be transferred to this archiving drive for safe keeping. Speed isn’t as vital and no need for network connectivity, but RAID will provide some redundancy

- Cloud Backup - Using backblaze as a backup for everything, scheduled to backup overnight.

I really appreciate some help here guys, I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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