June 2, 2015 at 6:08PM

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Hey! What about a Marketplace/Rallying point designed for you? Finally!

Dear Film Maker,

My name is Leif, earlier working with Ikonoskop and Image System, aka Digital Vision, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Now I am representing a new web community with the purpose of making film production easier with the help of the Internet.

The invention I want to present to you today is a web site called Film Makers Guild, FMGuild.com.

Filmmakers Guild is a web based marketplace and rallying point for film makers, where film producers and film shooters can meet on a daily basis. Our goal is to make FMG a global network where producers can find skilled labor, and where cam guys can find shooting jobs suited for their creative souls, and where we hopefully can help you in making a living out of your passion.

The team has a vast experience from camera manufacturing , i.e. Ikonoskop SP16 & dII, internet systems for communication and data distribution, post-production tools (Digital Vision, Nucoda & Phoenix) and programming of high intensive data back-end and front-end systems typically based on fast database storage/retrieval/presentation and cloud technology.

Our intention is to provide you with a niched vertical site for film makers, as a complement for your existing business relations today. And our goal is to make it easier, faster and cheaper to produce films with shots from anywhere in the world, whether it´ll be short commercial clips, news flashes or full production movies in need of a global freelancing film crew for additional shots.

When you join FMG (it is FREE to sign up for a basic membership) you will get instant access to the network. You have one login and can be acting as both as Purchaser or Contributor

As a Purchaser you can add new Job Tasks, i.e film assignments, that you need to be shot anywhere in the world. You can specify location, timeline, preferred formats, mise-en-scen, cinematography details (such as scripts, storyboards and photographical directives), editing, sound and other guiding/inspirational references.

Hopefully you get many talented film makers signing up for the Job Task, and then you can choose to assign one of more for the job. Pick your best choice or set up a competition with smaller assignment fee´s and a larger winning fee.
If you have a multi-shot Job Task you can assign as many contributors as you want and your budget allows for the gig.

A few Purchaser assignments:
1. EXT: A women dressed in purple with a baby stroller in front of Taj Mahal, 8 seconds;
2. EXT DESERT: A man in blue caftan entering a camel at desert rim in sunset, 14 seconds;
3. INT/EXT Las Vegas: A number of environmental outdoor/indoor shots, e.g. dolly/wheelchair shot, following a man dressed in a brown suit and hat through hotel lobby, 18 seconds.

As a Contributor you can look for new Job Tasks that suits you geographically and creatively. FMGuild also makes the whole distribution and approval process a lot easier since we are using cloud based media format processing servers for you to upload your shots and for the Purchaser to easily look at low quality previews and high quality samples. When the Purchaser agrees to pick your shot, the payment is transferred to an escrow account, the Purchaser can then download the full material and the deal is completed and you can move on to the next job.

One Contributor assignment:
1. You are living in the city of Pensacola, US. You have worked with news footage shots before.
Another hurricane hit your neighbourhood. You detect an FMGuild.com jobTask including two required shots. Two hours delivery deadline from now. You sign up for the following jobTask.
EXT. CITY OF PENSACOLA - DAY: Panoramic view shooting the disaster.
EXT. PENSACOLA STREETVIEW – DAY. Longshot, shooting people in the streets running for cover.

All transactions and deliveries are bound by standard legal agreements between the Purchaser and Contributor. FMGuild provide tools for specifying time plans, Contributor skill levels, jobTask budgets, Job Task requirements, direct communication to all; to EASE your work flow and to make you guys focus on what you love to do, film production.

FMGuild is, as you might have already guessed from the name, yes a Guild. Film making is a creative craftsmanship and we want to respect and nurture talent for what it is. We therefore provide a Guild level where you as a contributor can get higher and higher ratings the more high quality shots you deliver. You as a purchaser can also be assured that you can get the talented people you need through an innovative cloud based community with the newest in technology.

With FMGuild we want to give the opportunity to expand your current possibilities of making collaborated productions and to provide an infrastructure that will integrate into your existing work day today and hopefully improve it, and maybe totally change it in the long run.

We want to, not right now, but later on; be the online complement of your existing professional business network for filmmaking.

This is just the first release of FMGuild.com and we have thousands of ideas of new functions where to take this next. Please tell us if you have any ideas for new functions or complaints of an existing one. Please also tell your friends of the good tools you find here and spread the word to the world so we together can create an new kind of film community for making the movies of the future

Now, in our first release, try it out, you can always submit jobTasks and/or bid on jobTasks for free. Try it out is the keyword. When you feel confident, you are welcomed to start using our marketplace more professionally.

During our initial start period, June 3rd – July 31st, we will offer the 200 most active users a free PRO membership for one year.

At least one feedback to us on unsolved issues, feature request etc., five jobTask submissions or biddings (can be $0 jobTasks) and at least signing up at least 3 new FMGuild.com member will qualify you for the 200 free one-year PRO memberships worth $200. Regarding sign-ups, inform us through feedback@fmguild.com OR info@fmguild.com. We need to check with the new signed-up member that you were the signing-up initiator.

Cheers and hope for many creative creations through FMGuild.com!

The FMGuild.com Team.

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