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Horror Film Festival Failure

So my latest short film "Kobold" is now uploaded on youtube after rejections from roughly twenty horror/scifi/genre film festivals worldwide. What started out as a Magic Lantern RAW camera test turned into a spooky little short that I am still incredibly proud of. In hindsight I can see why it was not selected by programmers; murky and weak story, primitive effects and a lacklustre ending. This entire process from conception to rejection has been invaluable for me though, I am humbled by this repudiation but it will only embolden me in the end to learn from my mistakes, strive to make better art and go the extra mile to make my stories more compelling. I hope anyone else experiencing the stinging bite of NOT SELECTED can use it as fuel for their fire too!


That was a really cool camera test/short and it's awesome to see how you're taking the rejection. I get discouraged and seeing peoples drive inspires me as well. This short felt like a trailer to a bigger project (I don't know if that was the intention), but it definitely shows some serious promise. Keep up the good work and good luck with your next project!

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Cade Taylor

Thanks Cade, the entire world will try to give you reasons not to pursue an artistic endeavour, the hardest thing to do is to go forward despite all that. You're "Don't be like me." video made my day, I can relate to that!

December 14, 2017 at 5:29AM


i see it. like viewer i like it, but a bit longer, like editor i can tell you that you can do half of time, and have better atmosphere. in the first part there are many shoots that not tell anything about story, or drama.
To me (personal idea) you could do more with raw from magic lantern to develop better color to do character to a different situation, light color, ambient color etc.
about vfx, not so bad, but too longer on screen, if you see too much you see that are less real. you could add some post effects with some mask to do better.
everyone of us start from zero, and this is a good starting point.
my suggest is to edit a bit to cut it, and reedit color, i think you could have better result, there are some interesting suggestion.
A shooting suggest, i see many times that you loose contrast, the actor is a dark in dark, dark skin, dark hair, dark clothes and often you miss in the framing. In many shoot you could change angle of view and build better framing simply putting him against light window, or with a small light that enhance its shape from behind. i don't know if in original shot you have more DR to grab his shape from dark.
How develop color from magic lantern raw?

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Carlo Macchiavello

Thanks for watching Carlo, I appreciate all the suggestions. The colour correction was done by my editor in Final Cut, nothing too involved as this was a fairly simple project that was mostly an experiment. I will take note of what you said regarding better framing of dark subjects using natural light sources in my future projects.

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thanks for joining

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