September 21, 2016 at 9:36AM


How to Become a Screenwriter in Hollywood

I was asked the other day,

“How does one become a screenwriter?”
Simple question, yet as I gave it further thought it occurred to me that it’s not one that can be easily answered.

If you ask a guidance counselor how does someone become a doctor, chances are he or she will tell you,

“by going to medical school.”
Certain professions have clear cut paths for those who aspire to be Lawyers or Accountants or Phlebotomists. But becoming a screenwriter is a little different.

There are plenty of people in Hollywood that will tell you they’re a scribe for movies or TV. But how did they become an actual screenwriter? To be more specific, what are the paths to becoming a screenwriter and writing scripts?

To help shine a light on this topic, let’s define what a screenwriter is NOT.
A screenwriter is not a novelist. Both tell stories but the medium by which they deliver their message is very different. Novelist use prose to express their narrative.

They can effectively delve into the inner minds of characters, feelings, thoughts, and desires without having to DISPLAY them in an external, visual way. Screenwriting requires more emphasis in dramatization of these aspects by displaying behavior, writing story and subtext.

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