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How do I get my film on VOD (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon)?

The world of film distribution is filled with unknown land mines. Even more mysterious is how an indie filmmaker can get their film placed on these elusive VOD or Video on Demand platforms?

Video on Demand’s definition has been broaden in recent years. Before it only meant VOD on you cable box from Comcast, Time Warner or Direct TV but today that list has grown dramatically.

There are over 170 different video on demand platforms available to indie filmmakers today.

Linda Nelson from Indie Film Rights walks us through the maze of VOD and film distribution options and explains what it takes to get your film placed in the potentially very lucrative platforms.

Listen here: http://www.indiefilmhustle.com/film-distribution/

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Have been avidly listening to your podcasts, they are filled with great content. Just wanted to say thanks for making the effort to help other filmmakers get better at what they do. - Nick

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