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How does pupil dilation affect our audience?

Take a look.

For a few years I have been fasinated by pupil dilation, and what meanings can be construed from the contraction or dilation in a persons eyes. ( Adapting the link between pupil dilation and emotion, I think it’s possible to add an additional level of meaning to a scene through the pupils of an actor.

When the classic "girl next door" is introduced, it might make sense to expose at a lower light level in the interest of keeping her eyes dilated, so that the audience experiences the same emotional connection that our hero does.

As cinematographers we spend a great deal of time getting the eyes just right. I often engage in debate with directors, and other cinematographers of whether it would it make sense for us to consider pupil dilation, in addition to shutter angle and aperture, when choosing light levels.

With new cameras and their sensitivity to light, lighting for specific pupil dilation seems like an attainable goal. (Falcon-, Sony f55-

I’ve begun shooting my own tests on this subject and now I’m reaching out with this first introduction video I shot a few months ago. Please let me know what you think.


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Jeffrey Siljenberg

Makes perfect sense especially in a charged love scenario. .where dilated pupils and flaring nostrils are a natural phenomena during orgasm. .minimal light on set will induce the pupils to dilate naturally aiding the simulated effect.its use subconciously makes the act believable

December 30, 2015 at 11:42PM


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